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Actress Icons

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A community dedicated to icons of actresses!

Welcome to actressicons, a community dedicated to icons of Actresses!

Just a few...
[1]This community is for icons of actresses. This means icons and graphics posted here can be of an Actress in various photo shoots and candid shots AND Movie/TV Roles.
[2]Please credit the icon-maker, unless stated otherwise. Follow the rules that the iconer might post. They don't type them up for nothing!
[3]LJ-Cuts MUST be used. You MAY use fake cuts to outside journals. You must also post at least one Teaser icon before the cut.
[4]Do NOT post any off-topic posts. This is a community for icons and graphics only.
[5]Please do not post requests here.
[6]No "anti-icons" - this community is to celebrate actresses not insult them.
[7]Please do not promote. If you have a particular icon journal or personal journal that features a lot of actress icons, contact me at my LJ or Icon Journal and i will promote you myself.
[8]The bottom line is: if your post has no positive actress related icons or graphics - don't post here. Be respectful to all members at all times (don't insult people's work - if you don't like someone's graphics don't look at them!)
Phew!! That's it =)

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